“Your job is hard, and you deserve to know that your work is appreciated. You have made a difference in a lot of lives.”

As last weekend was Myanmar’s Police Force Day, a huge crowd was seen gathered at the corner of Bo Gyoke and Sule Pagoda Road where marching bands were held, quite in the heart of Yangon City, to celebrate the Police Force Day and pay the highest respect to policemen for their concerted effort and endeavours in maintaining the stability and order of Myanmar, especially working in a risky environment. They have demonstrated the high degree of bravery in executing the duties.

Together with TPM Outdoor, our clients also would like to express our salutation, appreciation, and gratitude to police officers.

This is one of the peak periods in Myanmar where the eyeball rate of our outdoor media advertising increases drastically. This celebration was to honor the police members for their outstanding performances. Read more here.

In 53 years, The Myanmar Police Force is undertaking the tasks of ensuring security, peace and stability, rule of law, drug eradication and prevention as well as community-based policing. Due to their great contribution, Yangon is stable to grow its economy, to expand the market and to develop the region. People truly appreciate that they are being protected and they are able to enhance the living standards.

According to the data from World Bank, the GDP growth from USD 20.18 billion to USD 67.4 billion in 10 years. As time goes on, there are plenty of opportunities to do business, we can tell the enterprise growth from 29,817 to 59,676 in years. Among them, 69.22% of Foreign Direct Investment are from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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