My budget is small. Can I afford Outdoor Advertising?

Start from just $10/day! We work with big multinational corporates, well-known household names, tourism boards and business associations, SMEs and ‘mom and pop’ shops. No client is too small to partner us in utilizing the amazing value that Outdoor Media can bring.

My project is urgent! Is it a long process to get my brand's ad up?

We are very efficient workers and have continuously astounded our clients in turnaround time. Simply give us a call and you can be sure to be attended to in an utmost prompt manner.

I do not know if outdoor advertising works for my branding needs, what can you do to help me?

We partner our clients to deliver the best Outdoor Media plan for critical success. Please call us for a discussion on your branding objectives and we will best advice within your budget and campaign.


Can I use my space for outdoor advertising?

TPM OUTDOOR is constantly searching for new sites to develop. If you have sites that are visible to high volumes of pedestrian or at a busy cross junction, we will be keen to speak with you about developing these sites for out-of-home media.

How does leasing my space for outdoor media benefit me?

When you lease your commercial or industrial property to us, not only will it provide you with a steady source of income, it also maximises the return on your property investments and potentially increases the resale value of your property.

Additionally, our latest digital display solutions and illuminated billboard structures will help draw a new awareness for your business location. Furthermore, our custom-designed installation will minimise the ground space necessary and ensure that there will be no inconvenience to any ongoing business operations.

How much can I earn from leasing my space?

The lease amount is determined by the following:

  • the quality of location and traffic count
  • type of signage
  • visibility of signage
  • number of existing signages in the area
  • advertisers’ demand for coverage in the area

We have over 20 years of experience in managing outdoor media as well as identification and development of new sites, including those at the regional airports and ferry terminals.

We pride ourselves on working with property owners to individually develop professional structures and are well experienced in working with the relevant government bodies to obtain approvals and advertising licences.

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